Oboe and live electronics 

Composed 2008 

9 min.

In composing Kultur for oboe and live electronics, I sought to link the expressivity of the performer and the electronic part, which is moulded by variations in dynamic and articulation. These influence the timbre of the live electronic part, the number of voices and even the pitches, with the objective of creating an organic and plastic musical texture which will vary with each performance. Kultur is a reference to a poem by Yitzhak Laor, and is closely mirrored in structure and influenced by its reflection about the “apolitical” in art, the separation between human empathy and artistic sensibility, the sense of protest in a society that stifles it and our culture that tolerates solidarity and political engagement of its artists rather than requiring it.”

Kultur was commissioned by le Passeur Gris and premiered by Sylvain Burki in a series of concerts in Switzerland in 2008. It was subsequently performed by Mikhaïl Jouravlev at Archipel festival in Geneva in 2010, as featured in the recording.