Occupy Haifa

Tape Music



In 1948, the majority of the Palestinian population of Haifa was expelled from the city. In 2011, tens of thousands of its inhabitants, Palestinians and Israelis, walked the streets together, demanding social justice.
I walked with them and felt, maybe for the first time, truly proud to have been born there. Occupy Haifa is my attempt to imagine the culture I could have been raised in. It’s a dream about a true protest, in the way to the return of the refugees, to true peace and a revival of our cities.

Occupy Haifa was commissioned by Ensemble Matka (Geneva) and was premiered at Fonderie Kugler in 2012. Further performances include Elektra Music (Strasbourg, 2013), Domino Concerts (Paris, 2013) and BIFEM (Bendigo, 2017).