Version 2Adam Maor (1983) is currently a teacher at Musrara School of Art (Jerusalem) and assistant artistic director at Tzlil Meudcan Festival. He has written pieces for orchestra, ensembles of different sizes as well as solo instruments, with and without electronics, as well as tape music pieces. His music was played by Ensemble Contrechamps, Barabara Maurer (Ensemble Recherche), duo Souflé, Ensemble Interface, Eklekto Percussion and at festivals in Europe, Argentina and Israel.

Born in Haifa, Israel, Maor began his musical journey studying classical guitar in the city’s conservatory and subsequently composition with Eitan Steinberg. After refusing to join the Israeli army for conscientious reasons, he was imprisoned for a period of almost two years, between the winter of 2002 and September 2004. After his liberation, Maor continued his political activities, for which he is was nominated to the Ypres prize for peace in 2005, and remains politically active to this day.

He pursued his composition studies at the Geneva conservatory of Music in the class of Michael Jarrell and Louis Naon. He also studied electronic music with Eric Daubresse and subsequently at IRCAM (Institut de Recherche et Coordination en Acoustique Musicale) in Paris, where he was selected for the prestigious one-year intensive computer music course. The same year he began studying the oud at the Paris Conservatory of Oriental Music with Michel Arkach.

Maor’s music is inspired by the reality that surrounds him, both in Israel and in the Middle East, often using electronics as a device that connects his extra-musical ideas to the instrumental fabric.


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